Game Licensing Form

Gaming Lisence Form:

Please tell us what you are
Please Provide A Contact Phone Number
Please Provide an address for the company, indie development or sole user of this license.
Please Note: We do not grant licenses for use on platforms such as Second Life Or Imvu or other 3d chat programs that sublicense the use of products.
Please Note Your Required License.
Please Note Your Budget For Your Project.

Note To applicant

Thank You For applying For a Game License!  There is a couple things you need to know before you apply!

  1. Not All Request will be approved. This is for security and selective reasons. Declining of the request will be explained in a response Email. 
  2. Game Licenses can vary depending on the product and or amount of items you wish to use. 
  3. All Request for licenses are assessed as we received them. Please allow up-to 1 business week for a return email on a license.
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